Photography began for me looking at prints of the volcanic coastlines in Hawaii. The dark moody black of the rocks and the ocean blues contrasted by the crashing whites of the surf inspired me and led toward my fondness for black and whites today.

I enjoyed photography from that beginning and have rarely set the camera down since. While attending the University of South Carolina, believing I'd go on to study law, I found myself interning for the Attorney General and realised the life behind law books was not for me. I needed to create something beautiful and specifically visual. So I began travelling to Manhattan and photographing for friends in antiques and art galleries. Then to Austin, Texas photographing weird and the beautiful that Austin is known for.

In 2009 I moved to Los Angeles to expand my capabilities in film school. Many small films, side jobs, music videos, and extra roles later, I found myself in London and spent the next eight years there working across Europe in fashion and photography.

After spending four and half years at the creative helm of Shop Pyramid, I moved from Creative Direction to consulting and spent the next two years in Doha, Qatar, working alongside top GCC luxury brands.

Today I am back in the United States, not far from my hometown in Atlanta, Georgia. I am working as a photographer on commercial fashion, magazine commissions, and personal projects.

Artist Statement

Photography is my exploration of the psychology of desire via the visual medium. The passion between two people or desire to be somewhere I'm not or remember somewhere I've been.

I have a humanist approach that ignores most standards of photography and connects directly to the subject. I was influenced early on by documentary photographers and photojournalists; my photography attempts to discover the truth inside the subject represented. In university, I was a member of the National Press Photographers Association. Still, with the only job I could find as a press photographer was in rural Wyoming, so I packed my bag and went to freelance in New York.

My work stands out for its natural realism in an age when surrealistic beauty standards dominate our culture. I work to cut through the facade and show a more profound feeling or desire surrounding the subject.

My work is primarily black and white, digital principally medium format, but sometimes 35mm film shot on the same camera my father took backpacking around Europe in the 1970s. I am studying the art of printing and enjoy physically touching my work. For me, it is vital to bring photography back to life by pulling it from the digital world into the physical.


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